Hurricane Season and Masks

Here we are at the end of the first week of hurricane season and we are already up to three named storms. Going to be an interesting summer, as if we needed something else going on. I used to follow the storms via Wunderground Weather and back before it was sold off to the weather channel there was good information there. Not any more. It’s nothing but flashy graphics and gottcha headlines so I no longer recommend it as an informative product.

My go to sites for real information and intelligent discussion are the National Hurricane Center, and Tropical Tidbits The NOAA site is straight up information and Tropical Tidbits gives some easily understood discussion of both the NOAA information and several of the computer models. If you want to talk or think intelligently about tropical storms these are the places to go.

I quick word on wearing masks. I wear one when you come into the shop as a courtesy to you. I don’t do it to protect me, I do it to protect you. Whether you decide to wear one or not is certainly your decision, but you might want to consider what it says about your opinion of your fellow citizens. Just a quick rant, but it’s my blog.

Have a great summer, take care, stay safe, and remember. it’s only glass!