And now it rains

So in an effort to maintain some sanity I’ve been working on my garden, which is coming along right nicely, thank you. Procuring seed has been a trick as the seed houses cut their staffs to maintain proper social distancing and protect their workers and suddenly get hit with two to three times their normal business. WOW! My seed order has finally been shipped, I’m getting the seed beds ready and we get 5+ inches of rain yesterday. Look at all the mud.

We are going to a soft opening next week at Blue Heron. Tuesday – Saturday, 11 – 3. Should give everyone a chance to pick up the supplies they need while maintaining a bit of caution. If you come to visit, six feet between folks as much as possible (it’s a bit tight back in the glass racks) and no touching. We will have gloves available so we don’t have to disinfect all the glass every time someone goes through it. It’s not back to normal, but it’s a start. Stay safe.