Custom Work

Blue Heron Glass can design and fabricate the panel or window of your dreams. Our talented design team is willing to work with you in selecting glass colors and textures that will enhance any setting and meet the physical demands of the particular situation. Whether you need to knock down the light levels, block the view of your neighbor’s garage, or get a bit of privacy in the garden tub, it all starts with a size.

The measurements need not be exact, but we really can’t start until we know about how big it is going to be. Several scale designs are usually offered, along with glass suggestions and a discussion about hanging, mounting, or installing. Once the final design is selected, a deposit of 30% is required before we begin construction. Designs and artwork relating to the piece remain the intellectual property of Blue Heron Glass.


Blue Heron Glass offers repair services for stained glass sun-catchers, small panels, windows and some lamps. Accurate estimates are not possible without first examining the damage to the piece. We use only the finest materials for repair and often the finished product will be stronger and better engineered than the original.

The most difficult part of most repairs in matching the glass. We have worked with other studios across the southeast to obtain exact matches, but often the glass was originally manufactured by a company that no longer exists and we are forced to use glass that is as close as possible in color and texture.

If it can be moved, bring it by. If it is large, or installed, please call and we can arrange a convenient time to examine the work. At this time, Blue Heron Glass does not repair lamp shades with bent glass.