Blue Heron Glass first opened their doors on October 1, 1999, in a tiny little spot on Ashley River Road, affectionally referred to as “the cave.” With seven foot ceilings and almost enough room to turn around we learned that Charleston was ready for a source of art glass supplies that offered more than just a chance to paw through the dust and left-over glass from past commissions.

The current facility in Northbridge Shopping Center on Old Towne Road gave us a chance to expand the gallery and better isolate the teaching and studio areas. The down side is the suicide merge with Sam Rittenberg Boulevard right in front of the store, but once you learn how to avoid that getting here is fairly straightforward.

In recent years we have worked with students at the American College of the Building Arts, offered classes through Charleston County Community Education (which are taught here) and taken workshops on the road to The Charleston Museum, Bishop Gadsden, and the Aiken Center for the Arts, all of which help expose more people to the wonderful world of art glass.

Glass Supplies

We offer glass from the major manufactures and tools we believe will do the job they are designed to do. We do not sell tools that we do not use. Cheap tools from box stores are cheap; sometimes they are inexpensive as well. And while it is true that it is a poor craftsman that blames his tools, nothing will ruin your days as quickly as a poor quality glass cutter. Our solder, came, and foils are the finest quality we can find as are our fluxes, patinas, and cleaners.

We are continually evaluating new and different products offered by our suppliers. These are sometimes the result of true innovation, but more often the result of market fluctuations and distribution difficulties. If the product performs as advertised we will add it to our selection. If it doesn’t we will let you know. We believe the best customer is one that is informed.

Our Mission

We believe that the process of working with glass in a craft setting should be accessible to anyone with the desire. When you start with something as beautiful as glass you will end up with an object of beauty, even when using only basic, easily acquired skills. This is not to say that the craft is easily mastered. Many of the pieces offered in the gallery reflect years of development and refinement in technique, careful planning and unfortunately, lots of broken glass.

Meet the Team

Mike Hiester


Becca Hiester

Next Steps…

Please contact us with any questions you have.